[2021 Spring] RRL Hand-Knit Indigo Ranch Cardigan ダブルアールエル ハンドニット インディゴ ランチ カーディガン

RRL Hand-Knit Indigo Ranch Cardigan


■ Item overview

Made by hand using 21 different yarns composed of cotton, linen, and wool. Whipstitched details at the belt loops, striped belt, and hem. Southwestern-inspired geometric motifs. Metal concho buttons.

■ Item Details

– Shawl collar.

– Buttoned placket.

– Metal concho buttons.

– Long sleeves with rib-knit cuffs.

– Belt loops. Striped self-belt.

– Two front waist patch pockets.

– Whipstitched by hand at the belt loops, belt, and hem.

■ Item Materials

– 59% cotton, 23% linen, 8% lambswool, 8% wool, 2% other fibers.

■ Others

Dyed with indigo, which may rub off onto fabrics, leather, and upholstery.


Attention point


Ortega pattern and arrow pattern


“In the early 1700s,

a young man named Gabriel Ortega

was among a group of settlers who came to the Northern Rio Grande Valley to settle in what is now Chimayo, New Mexico.


One of the skills needed to survive was

weaving, with which they made clothes, blankets, rugs and even mattresses.


It is a historic Ortega weave made by the Ortega family from the 1700s.

The biggest feature of the Ortega pattern is the geometric pattern.

In this RRL product, there are 3 patterns of Ortega weave on the front body, back body, and both shoulders.


The outside is colored yellow and red,

The inside has a geometric pattern based on blue and black.

It is a very beautiful design.

There are 8 types of arrow patterns, 2 types each for white, blue, yellow, and red,

and emphasizes the beauty of the Ortega pattern.



Features of lunch cardigan


The feature of the lunch cardigan is that it is made longer than a normal hand knit.

The height is 165 cm and the chest circumference is 88 cm, and the length is about 73 cm in XS size,

which is 10 cm longer than the normal hand knit.

The fitting is about half the butt hidden.


Also, it is a big feature that a belt is attached,

you can wrap it around the front or the belt around the back.

Of course, you can remove it. You can dress in various ways.



Heavy hand knit


A major feature of RRL’s hand knit is its heavy weight.

When weighed, even the XS is a thick cardigan that weighs about 1.6 kg.

You can feel the weight of Chimayo’s tradition.


Past Similar Model


Similar Ortega Pattern’s hand-knit is released in 2019 Spring season.

see details are here.



Contact number

JPN Number: MNRRSWE16820065410

USA Number: 577431



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