[2021 Spring] RRL Intarsia-Knit Shawl Cardigan ダブルアールエル インターシャニット ショール カーディガン

RRL Intarsia-Knit Shawl Cardigan


■ Item overview

Made using 17 different yarns composed of indigo-dyed cotton, mulberry silk, wool, and linen. Intarsia-knit design inspired by Utah motorcar racing. “RRL” and checkered flags at each pocket. Full-zip front with a cowhide zipper pull.

■ Item Details

– Shawl collar.
– Full-zip front with a leather zipper pull.
– Long raglan sleeves with rib-knit cuffs.
– Two front waist welt pockets.
– “RRL” and racing flags knit at each pocket.
– Ribbed hem.

■ Item Materials

– 44% cotton, 27% mulberry silk, 22% wool, 7% linen

■ Others

Dyed with indigo, which may rub off onto fabrics, leather, and upholstery.


Attention point


Motor Cycle Pattern


The stage setting is Utah,

which has three distinctive terrains: the Rocky Mountains, the Great Basin, and the Colorado Plateau,

ranging from dry deserts with dunes to mountain valleys covered with pine forests.


Especially in southern Utah,

there is a sacred place for the Navajo called Monument Valley,

and the Navajo, who was a farming tribe, came into contact with the Spaniards, obtained horses and sheep,

“Navajo weaving” using the yarn is still being used as a craft.

Southern Utah, Monument Valley

In this way, Utah is also known as the Navajo sanctuary,

but in the northwest there is a salt plain called “Bonneville Salt Flats”

located to the west of the Great Salt Lake,

and motorcycle races are held every year.


Motorcycle race of salt plain in the northwest Utah

In this work, it is a hand knit with the motif of the motor race.

The motorcycle that runs on the salt plain and what you can see behind

are Pilot Peak and Goshute Peak that spread around.

On the back, the words “Salt flats”, which is the stage, are engraved in the center.

In addition, there is a champion cup with the letters “RRL 93′” drawn on both arms,

and it creates a race atmosphere with a flag in the pocket.



Intarsia knitting


Intarsia knitting is used in this work.

Compared to jacquard knitting, intarsia knitting does not have horizontal threads,

and the threads are alternately passed vertically at the color switching part,

so it has the characteristic of being knitted thinner than jacquard knitting.


Therefore, in this work, the fabric is thinner

and lighter than normal hand knit, making it very easy to wear.

In addition, it is easier to wear by using a zip instead of a button.


Wearing image


The wearing image of the official model is posted on the RRL official Instagram account.

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Contact number

JPN Number: MNRRSWE16820067400

USA Number: 577434



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